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Little 500 Tuesday Night Race Series #4 (2022)

November 15, 2022 at 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. EDT
Bill Armstrong Stadium, 1606 N Fee Ln, Bloomington, IN, 47408

The Indiana University Student Foundation is hosting a Tuesday Night Racing Series at Bill Armstrong Stadium this fall. Registration is open to beginners and veterans alike. Each night will consist of different track-based racing events all using Little 500 bikes. Registration is $10 per night for veterans only. There are no refunds. All riders must pre-register.

Riders’ initial Categories will be based on the year that they completed/plan to complete Rookie Week:

Fall 2022/Spring 2023--Category 5
Fall 2021/Spring 2022--Category 4
Fall 2020/Spring 2021--Category 3
Fall 2019/Spring 2020--Category 2
Fall 2018/Spring 2019--Category 1

IUSF reserves the right to combine or split fields based on the number of entrants in each category.

• Rider check-in: 5-5:50 p.m.
• Rider warm-up: 5:15-5:45 p.m.
• Racing starts at 6 p.m.

All rookie riders must register for Miss N Out, and all veteran riders must register for the Madison.

A true elimination race in which the action is at the back of the pack. The last rider across the line of each lap is pulled out. This continues until three riders remain. After one neutral lap, the riders then race for first place.

• Cat 5 Women
• Cat 5 Men

Riders will group up in teams of up to four riders and work together to race a predetermined number of laps. Teams will randomly be assigned 16-foot pits along the Little 500 track. One rider will start the race while the relief riders stay in the team’s pit. The team must complete a minimum number of Little 500 exchanges over the course of the race. Whichever team finishes the predetermined number of laps first will be declared the winners. 

Madison is 50 laps, 2-4 riders per team, and 3 exchanges minimum.

• Cat 1/23/4 Women - 50 laps
• Cat 1/2/3/4 Men - 50 laps

Race times are subject to change. IUSF will run events through any weather with the exception of lightning. IUSF will NOT refund entry fees for any reason.

Contact Hank Duncan at (812) 855-7816 or

Masks are now optional in the IU community and encouraged for those who may be more comfortable in public spaces.