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Lifelong Learning - How Much Is Enough?

February 15 to 22, 2023 at 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. EST
Hosted Virtually by IUAA

Two Wednesdays, February 15, 22

7-8 p.m. ET

Virtual class offered via Zoom*

$30 per person


According to an October 2022 report in Fortune, most Americans (65 percent) live paycheck to paycheck, including 49 percent of six-figure earners. Chasing the American dream often entails going deep into debt to buy the most house you can and filling that home with more “toys” than you need (e.g., daily Amazon deliveries). However, all that stuff is not leading to happier lives. Instead, Americans feel more overworked and stressed out than ever before.

How much is enough (house, salary, car, savings, risk, etc.) depends on various factors, but studies show that learning to be content with less leads to higher levels of personal satisfaction. Also, those who let go of social pressures and achieve financial freedom early in life reap the reward of lifestyle flexibility well before the typical retirement age. The first step is understanding the psychology of money and behavioral finance. 

This two-part course will cover behavioral finance, define the new American dream, and set some goals. In the second session, we’ll uncover some financial secrets to help participants save money and manage debt. Ultimately, this course aims to help participants discover a personal response to just how much is enough. 

*Please note: this course is a virtual learning opportunity held via the online platform, Zoom. The link needed to participate will be supplied via email prior to the first class session.

About the Instructor:

Theresa Claire, is a certified financial education instructor and the director of client education at Hurlow Wealth Management Group (an IU alumni-owned business). She is passionate about making financial literacy education lively and engaging (maybe even fun!).