Pride & Tradition

Best of the Best

IU established the Distinguished Alumni Service Award program in 1953 to honor alumni service, achievement in their fields, and commitment to improving their communities…

Contestant Chronicles

More than a dozen IU alumni have appeared on some of the most iconic, nationally televised game shows, including “Wheel of Fortune.”

Tales of First Dates

In the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of the IU Alumni Magazine, readers submitted first-date memories from their time at IU. To say our inbox was…

A person holding an old book with an illustration of various sports-related elements and an IU trident with a star in the sky.

The Woman Behind The IU Trident

When Maura Young Johnston, BA’97, MIS’99, received her 2021 edition of Imagine magazine, something caught her eye. “I saw your mystery and went looking,”…