#IUChats with Victor Oladipo

Photo courtesy of Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo, BS’13, answered our “virtual” questions on Twitter about his breakout season with the Indiana Pacers. We chatted about what life is like for Victor in the NBA, what three things he always takes to the gym, and whom he would challenge to a game of one-on-one.

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@IUAA: Hi @VicOladipo—thanks for taking the time to chat w/ @IUAA today! 

@VicOladipo: No problem, anything for my Hoosiers!

@IUAA: First off, welcome back to Indiana! It’s so great to have you here again. And congrats on such an amazing season…you’re really making an impact with the @Pacers both on the court & with the fans! You’ve mentioned that you feel like you didn’t give @IndianaMBB fans all they needed—how is that driving you as a new member of the @Pacers?

@VicOladipo: It drives me every day! To be able to play for the Pacers now and have an opportunity to give something special to these fans. It’s all the motivation I need.



@IUAA: And you’re definitely delivering on that! Do you have any pre-game rituals or routines from your time at @IUBloomington that you still do before @Pacers‘ games?

@VicOladipo: Well at IU, @TomCrean would always lead us in prayer before going out to play. So, before every game…I find time to say my prayer before I compete.

@IUAA: That’s so important that you make it a priority to focus and pray before a game. Are there any traditions that the @Pacers have that have become a favorite of yours since joining the team?

@VicOladipo: I think my favorite thing so far is wearing the hickory jerseys. There is a great story behind it and it is just legendary in Indiana basketball.

@IUAA: Those jerseys are really cool, and the #4 is really hard to find!  What does a typical day look like for you? How does that change when you have a game?

@VicOladipo: A typical day consists of me going in early for treatment, then I lift before practice, get some breakfast, and practice after that. After practice, I do some recovery stuff to keep my body fresh. On game days, it will change a little bit—we have shoot around in the morning, then I get lunch, nap, and head to the arena for the game.

@IUAA: Wow, that’s a full day! Can you tweet us a picture of your locker at @TheFieldhouse? Or any photos you can share of you and @PacersBoomer?

@VicOladipo: I don’t have any pictures of the locker room at the Fieldhouse or pics with Boomer, unfortunately. But I have this picture of me, Boomer, and Glenn Robinson giving away turkeys during Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of Victor Oladipo.

@IUAA: That works for us! Since we can’t see…what are 3 things that you always have in your gym bag or in your locker?

@VicOladipo: Three things I always have in my locker are a charger for my phone, my game shoes, and a speaker to play music.

@IUAA: Those all are necessities for sure! How about some rapid-fire questions—Are you an early bird, or a night owl?

@VicOladipo: I am both, which sounds weird, but I’m definitely an early bird and I am definitely a night owl. I like to take naps in the afternoon, lol.

@IUAA: Other than @OurIndiana athletic facilities, what’s your favorite spot on @IUBloomington‘s campus? Are you able to make it back to Btown?

@VicOladipo: Other than the athletic facilities, I would have to say it would have been the HPER [Wildermuth Intramural Center]. Going in there and seeing students playing hoops was always fun. I haven’t got a chance to get back yet but I plan on it very soon.

@IUAA: You always have an open invitation to visit! What’s your favorite #iubb memory?

@VicOladipo: My favorite #iubb moment was winning the Big Ten regular season championship outright in Michigan my last year at IU.

On March 10, 2013, the Hoosiers defeated the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor to secure their reign as the year’s regular-season Big Ten Champions. Photo by Joe Eke.

@IUAA: I bet that is a great memory! What former (or current) @IndianaMBB player would you like to challenge to a game of one-on-one?

@VicOladipo: I would love to challenge Isiah Thomas (Zeke) for one-on-one, especially when he was in his prime. Just to go at him and then ask how he does all his moves.

(Check out NBA Players Only to hear Victor talk about his “summer body” transformation and see him walk through the basics of the three-point shot on with former Hoosier Isiah Thomas, BA’87.)

@IUAA: That would be a great one-on-one to watch! Which combo do you have more of in your closet: Cream & Crimson or Blue & Gold?

@VicOladipo: I would say blue and gold right now.

@IUAA: Oh no! We’ll have to talk to someone at @IndianaUniv and fix that!  Final question—people are calling you the new “Mayor of Indianapolis.” When do you think you’ll get a set of keys to the city from @IndyMayorJoe?!

@VicOladipo: Haha I’m not sure. You would have to ask him that.

@IUAA: If it were up to us, it would be very soon! Thank you so much @VicOladipo for your time! I know I speak for all of Hoosier Nation when I say best of luck to you & the @Pacers this season!

@VicOladipo: Thank you for taking the time out and chatting with me this afternoon. It was a pleasure.

Written By
Lacy Nowling Whitaker
Lacy, a Bloomington native, earned two degrees from IU Bloomington (BA'08, MA'14) and is the Director of Content with the IU Alumni Association.