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Lifelong Learning - Words, Words, Words: Feckful, Fascinating, and Just Plain Fun

October 5 to 26, 2022 at 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. EDT
Hosted Virtually by IUAA

Four Wednesdays: Oct. 5–26

6–7 p.m. ET

Virtual class offered via Zoom*

$55 per person


Words mean everything. Our parents remember our first, and our children remember our last. In this series, we will explore and appreciate the force, fascination, and sheer fun of words. What exactly is a word anyway? (Answer: It’s complicated.) Where do words come from, and where do they go? Why is English spelling so difficult, and why doesn’t someone do something about it? How do lexicographers make dictionaries, and how do “bad” words such as “ain’t” get into them? (I assure you there is no money changing hands.) We will answer these questions and delve into several other fascinating topics, including slang, jargon, taboo, euphemism, semantics, and more. After this series, you will never look at words the same way again.


*Please note: This course is a virtual learning opportunity held via the online platform, Zoom. The link needed to participate will be supplied via email prior to the first class session.


About the Instructor:

Mark Canada is chancellor and professor of English at IU Kokomo. He has authored dozens of articles, books, and presentations on American literature and history, including the Audible Originals Ben Franklin’s Lessons in Life and Edgar Allan Poe: Master of Horror.