Anthony DeCurtis: Rock & Roll Writer

As a contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine for more than 30 years, Anthony DeCurtis, MA’77, PhD’80, has interviewed dozens of musicians — John Mellencamp, DM Hon’00 (read the 1989 article at; Whitney Houston; and Prince to name a few.

However, it was Lou Reed’s musical career with the Velvet Underground and tumultuous personal life that struck a special chord with him. After a chance meeting, DeCurtis and Reed became friends, which gave DeCurtis the access for a biography. DeCurtis’s book aims to shed light on Reed’s life beyond the sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Read an excerpt of his book, Lou Reed: A Life, at

Anthony DeCurtis was featured in the Summer 2018 issue of the Indiana University Alumni Magazine, a magazine for members of the IU Alumni Association. View current and past issues of the IUAM.

Written By
Lacy Nowling Whitaker
Lacy, a Bloomington native, earned two degrees from IU Bloomington (BA'08, MA'14) and is the Director of Content with the IU Alumni Association.