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IU Campus Gems: Tuck Everlasting

Faded bronze sculpture of a young woman with arms outstretched reaching for the sky with a clear sky in the background.
Sculptures, stones, and symbolism: Meet the renowned Indiana artist who’s helped shape the look of IU South Bend (and Bloomington too).

Thousands of people see sculptor Tuck Langland’s work every day, though they may not know it. His sculptures can be found in exhibits, museums, and public plazas around the world.

But there is nowhere that Langland’s artistic legacy looms larger than it does in Indiana, particularly at IU South Bend. Langland was a professor there for 32 years before retiring in 2003. During his time at IU South Bend, he designed and built the campus’ sculpture studio from scratch. He also sculpted several prominent public art pieces for the campus.

In this video, you’ll get a closer look at Langland’s art, including his 850-foot conceptual limestone piece that stretches from one end of IU South Bend to the other.

This video was originally published for IU Day 2017.

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Andrea Alumbaugh

A native Hoosier, Andrea Alumbaugh is a graduate of IU (BAJ’08) and a senior writer at the IU Foundation.

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