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"Big Red 200" is emblazoned in huge letters on the front of a set of vertical cabinets stacked side-by-side in a room stretching the length of the photo and out of frame.

8 Innovative Learning Spaces

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, IU was forced to reconceive its learning experiences to limit face-to-face instruction. While this transition represented a massive feat…

Behind the Gates

For some IU alumni, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the Bloomington campus without the Sample Gates; however, the iconic landmark wasn’t constructed until 1987….

A man wearing glasses, a well-worn Nature Conservancy T-shirt, and a faded IU baseball hat, kneels amidst the grasses and blooms of the prairie to pull weeds. He is surrounded by plant life.

To Protect and Preserve

Along a highway about 30 miles outside of Chicago, you can find IU Northwest biology professor Spencer Cortwright weaving through eye-high prairie grass, picking…

Alumni Unscripted

We all know there’s nothing like the IU experience, and these alumni were not shy about telling their favorite stories during a golf-cart ride…